Sunday, January 3, 2010

3-D Creations

I enjoyed creating these two dragons in 3-D. The were exhibited in two shows during Fall 2009.

"Dream So You Can Soar" features a dragon made of Sculpty, paper wings enhanced with dimensional paint with a background of various papers and layers of painted tissue paper. The wagon in made of cardboard with button wheels and raffia substituting for hay. The girl is made of paper with ysrn hair. The harness is made of ribbon.

"The Castle Dragon" features foam core board in various uses. The castle is made of painted foam core. Parts of the wall have been mitred to enhance the perspective and depth and were raised from the paper to add more dimension. The turret is also made of painted foam core that has been back cut so that it could conform to the rounded shape. The dragon is made from foam core covered in paint enhanced paper, sequins and seed beads. The harness was made of ribbon, the collar of cardboard with small bells attached with wire. The wagon and the girl were constructed the same way as in "Dream So You Can Soar". Moss was used for the shrubbery at the base of the turret and in the archway of the castle wall.

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