Saturday, November 19, 2011

Update on NaNoWriMo and PiBoIdMo

I find that November always seems to be one of my busiest times of the year. In the past I've done the NaNoWriMo and although I didn't quite make it to the 50,000 words, I did fairly well. This year I added the Picture Book Idea Month which challenges participants to come up with one idea per day for a picture book. As of today, my totals are:

NaNoWriMo - 10,000 words - very far behind where I need to be!
PiBoIdMo - 19 ideas - right on track!

If nothing else the picture book ideas will give me stories to write and illustrate all year long. The novel writing month will give me a good start on the next novel to complete.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm taking the NaNoWriMo and the PiBoIdMo challenge!

There are two challenges this month for people who write. One is the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), which challenges writers to write a  50,000 word story during the month on November. This challenge is looking at quantity of words, NOT the quality of words. It is a perfect way for a writer to get a first draft down, or most of a first draft down without worrying about the things that come with revisions. It is all about spontaneity and ideas.

 The second challenge is the Picture Book Idea Month (PiBoIdMo). In this challenge, the writer is to come up with 30 ideas for picture books in 30 days. Since I love writing and illustrating picture books, I decided to take this challenge too! If you are interested in this challenge, go to to sign up.

I'll try and post updates as to word and idea counts to let you know how it is going. This is day 1. Time to start!